Riverside Cemetery, Denver, Colorado.As we all unfortunately know, gravestone decay is a common activity which takes place in cemeteries across the country. Whether it be from vandalism, natural forces or anything else that apparently is thrown at these poor headstones, they all take a toll on your headstones (or can cause them to disappear altogether).

We are currently looking for more professionals who work with monument preservation in the hopes of providing equal access for all cemeteries, burial sites and memorials to quality restoration and preservation services.

Our list of professionals we approve so far is as follows:

Colorado Cemetery Conservation, LLC

However, we are always accepting new recommendations and will always post recommendations after reviewing the individual’s/company’s work.

If you would like an individual or company who performs quality gravestone repair and preservation, please send us an email (and a review from you will help us in our decision to include them in our list) at admin@cocemproject.org. Once we review said individual/company, we will add them and a link or contact information to our list of professionals.