The CoCem Project is directed by a variety of entities in order to accommodate for Colorado’s wide variety of burial sites, cemeteries and memorials. We are slowly collecting thousands of burial records every year, as well as returning grave markers that have been taken from their original locations back to where they belong. Through the use of public and private funding, we hope to soon launch an ever growing website application in order to provide the public with the most accurate and most detailed sets of information available in cemetery records, archival and library vaults and public records. We hope you will join us through volunteering or in the rare cases of job openings, we’re always looking to grow our family.

The purpose of this project is to identify all cemeteries, burial sites and memorials located within the boundaries of the State of Colorado to asses condition, ownership and status of records and all related informational needs for the study of Colorado’s cemeteries to better enhance the knowledge of cemeteries in Colorado and allow for proper acknowledgement for the needs of preservation, conservation and digitization of grave markers, historic landscapes, cemetery records, etc.

We work with various groups, individuals and government entities in Colorado in the hopes of brings a true and as complete as possible record of all cemeteries, memorials, and burial sites in Colorado.

If you’ve got a project or need help with starting or maintaing one, give us a call or send us an email and we will be more than happy to help.